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Our Services

Patent Brokering

With the right advice the sale of IP can be a low risk & high yield activity, capitalising on substantial R&D investment made by companies and research institutions. For corporations, non-core IP can be sold in much the same way as a non-core business. For research institutions, there is a real opportunity to crystallise full value from IP assets without the risk of setting up spin-off companies or complex licensing agreements.
With our deep experience we are able to best match the expectations of the patent owner with the best possible buyer in the global landscape. Our depth of partners around the world gives us un-paralleled ability to achieve the best result for our clients.

IP Committee Supervision

Far too often IP Committee lack direction and  professionalism, resulting in over-runs of costs and sub-standard portfolio management, and often a lack of strategic alignment with the overall entity. This is true for corporations and universities and other entities.
We offer professional supervision of your IP Committee. Usually we implement this via the appointment of one of our experienced executives as an IP Committee member, or preferably, Chair of your IP Committee. This type of appointment is similar to appointing a professional board member to the company board.

Patent Licensing

We work with SME’s, corporations, government agencies and research institutions to supply leading patent analytics services and to licence market leading and disruptive IP to the global market. This can range from proven technologies that have already had limited licensing revenue, opportunities that exist to replicate existing contracts in new territories, through to exclusive commercialisation agreements and specific applications in different Field of Use jurisdictions.

Our relationships and know how enable us to maximise licensing income and ensure that the best possible deals are executed, globally.

Patent Analytics

We have in-house one of the world's leading capability in patent analytics. Whether the intent is for market insight, patent brokering, patent infringement analysis, or one of the many other purposes, we are now well-established as a center of excellence in patent analytics.
Recently we have completed the world's largest patent citation analysis focused on university competitiveness. Also we have used patent analytics to help a sovereign government tailor its investment in export industries. On a smaller scale we often use this capability for corporations seeking to identify patent infringement. There are many other use cases for this capability.

IP Mediation Services

We help clients with IP mediation as a low cost and effective alternative to resolving IP related disputes.

Mediation has been used globally to resolve IP disputes and shown to be highly effective with up to 70 per cent of cases being resolved.

Mediation is a process where a neutral third party, the mediator, guides the parties towards a mutually acceptable agreement. Mediation is an attractive option for parties that place a premium on the preservation or enhancement of their relationship, seek to maintain control over the dispute settlement process, value confidentiality, or want to reach a speedy settlement without damage to their reputations.

IP Strategy

Not happy with your patent attorneys? Ask us and we can advise you on whether you can get a better deal elsewhere. We can also help to align your IP with your business objectives.

​We can help you to understand how your IP relates to your marketplace, get a view on the value of your technology, competitive risk, potential infringements and If needed, the acquisition of patents to fill strategic gaps.
We are also specialists in patent portfolio management. Experience has taught us that up to 75% of the costs of patent portfolio management can be saved with professional portfolio management practices.

Patent Valuation

We have spent many years understanding the strengths and weaknesses of various models for patent valuation. We now have tailored methodologies which align with your needs for patent valuation, whether that is for Balance Sheet appraisal, managing expectations for patent sales, or for investment purposes.
We work in partnerships with Australia's leading valuer of intangible assets, Australian Valuations. Australian Valuations is a leading independent valuation practice with an established reputation for providing expert valuation and asset advice relating to specialized and unique property.

Patent Infringement Analysis

Our multi phase and multi stage patent infringement analysis has been developed to provide the best-in-class patent infringement analysis for clients.
We are not only cost effective compared to competitors, we also have a unique staged approach where clients get the results of one stage before committing to the next stage.
Our infringement analysis capability is also tailored to your exact needs, whether this is for the sale of patents, the prosecution pf patent rights against competitors, the raising of capital, the sale of a company, or other.
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