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A Review of Chinese-Owned Australian Patents

April 2020

In this paper we undertake a review of Chinese-owned Australian patent rights published over the last decade.

A Quantitative Metric for Research Impact Using Patent Citation Analytics

October 2019

This is us demonstrating our patent analytics capabilities....

"A new metric for Research Impact index is presented using only X-type and Y-type examiner citations cited during prosecution of patents where the patent family must have at least one US patent family member, where the citations are de-duplicated (to remove double counting associated with duplicate Patent Examiner citations from different jurisdictions when examining the same invention), and where the citations are for both non-patent publications and patent publications, where academics are, respectively, the authors and inventors. The quantitative outcomes are demonstrated using a 10 year dataset of 22,255 publications from the Faculty of Engineering and IT at the University of Technology Sydney. The results show that patent examiners are 180x more likely to seek prior art in the patent literature as compared to the academic literature."

Australia’s Innovation Patent System to be Axed due to Flawed Analysis

August 2019

Trade Secret Theft in China

4 August 2019

An interesting view on China and IP. My view; a secret isn't a secret when more than 5 people know about it; then it becomes information (to quote Lord Varys from the Game of Thrones).


If it's important to you then you can't rely on keeping it a secret  because usually more than this number of people know about it inside your own organization. So, please, use the IP systems even if they aren't perfect.

And it is no use accusing the Chinese of stealing secrets That is oxymoronic. They couldn't steal them if they were secrets. Where these sort of accusations are bandied about, you will invariably find that the so-called secret has become information, and it has simply been borrowed.

Australia’s Corporate Patenting Stars

21 Dec 2017

Australia's top patenting entities.

Australian Blockchain Patent Landscape

15 Dec 2017

Australian Corporate and Academic Patenting - A Discussion Based on 5x5 Patent Citation Analysis

1 Dec 2017

Putting the patent in the h-index

21 Nov 2017

Australia’s Top Inventors

7 Nov 2017

An overview of the current market for patent services in Australia and a look at the future challenges and opportunities.

There’s tax cuts and there’s tax cuts: getting big business to innovate

Dec 2015

Commentary on Australia's innovation policies


Oct 2015

Countries like Australia must articulate the actual 'need' for a start-up business sector before attempting to create one with government incentives. Said 'need' cannot to be in competition with Silicon Valley because that will fail.

Tweaking the R&D Tax Incentive

April 2015

Some judicious changes to the R&D tax concession could go a long way.

National Invention System?

October 2014

An interview with Ian Maxwell on ABC Radio National by Amanda Vanstone

What if we had a ‘National Invention System’?

September 2014

Some alternative ideas that address the failings of our focus on Australia's 'Innovation System'

Grants aren’t helping Australian tech, but patent reform could

August 2014

Some patent focused ideas that could enable Australia's high tech export sector

How Australia Can Invent a Thriving Technology Export Sector

July 2014

 Changes that Australia could make to its patent and tax systems to encourage the development of a technology export segment.

Many start-up entrepreneurs think that patents are a waste of time; the data suggests otherwise

June 2014

An article debunking some of the misconceptions that start-up entrpreneurs and investors have about patents.

Is Is disintermediation of patent search on the horizon?

March 2014

An interview with the CEO of Cambia led to the hypothesis that patent search is on the verge of massive changes.

The Future of the Australian Innovation Patent System

Sept 2013

by Ian Maxwell


Requested subsmission from Advisory Council on Intellectual Property re the ACIP review of the Australian Innovation Patent System

In Defense of Patent Trolls

May 2013

by Ian Maxwell


in - the on-line IP Strategy Journal, 29 May 2013


A discussion of the pros and cons of Patent Trolls

Why Universities are the Worst Shareholders for Spin-out Companies

January 2013

by Ian Maxwell

In - the on-line IP Strategy Journal, 31 January 2013


An overview of the best type of relationship between a university and its spin-out companies

Corporate IP Strategy

October 2012

by Ian Maxwell

In - the on-line IP Strategy Journal, 18 October 2012


An overview of what corporations need to do about patents

Manufacturing in Australia - Where to now?

September 2012

Prepared for the Australian Industrial Research Group

IP Strategy for Startups

October 2012

by Ian Maxwell

In - the on-line IP Strategy Journal, 8 October 2012


An overview of what startups need to do about patents

Patently Mad About Patents: the US Modifies its Patent Legislation

August 2012

by Ian Maxwell


A discussion on the impacts of the new US patent reforms under the US Leahy-Smith America Invents Act.

University Intellectual Property

February 2011

by Ian Maxwell


A discussion on University Intellectual Property issues, particularly in Australia. Also includes a description of the University of New South Wales' new Easy Access IP policy.

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